Original Songs from Connemara

by Jon Meilla (John O’Malley)

Track no Music 01 ‘Treat me like Every Other’  singer Martina Gavin.

Track no Music 02 ‘The Redundant Casanova’ this is about the playboy who finishes his life alone with his pussy cat,  by Jon Meilla.

Track no Music 03 ‘Take the Sheep of the Mountain’- this is about the imposition of SACs (Special areas of Conservation) by Jon Meilla.

Track no Music 04 ‘No grant for me Ass’ (Donkey) -this is protest about the status of the Donkey (which has now been rectified) by Jon Meilla.

Track no Music 05 ‘The Ghost of the Playboy’ -this is based on the true story of the Playboy of the Western World which is based on a true event in Ballyconneely in the late 800s,(with William O’Malley being  responsible for the death of his father) by Feichin Mitchell.

Track no Music  06 ‘Matt Conneely’s Band’ – this is a song about local musicians in Ballyconneely, by Jon Meilla.

Track no Music 07 ‘The Rugby Song’ – this song is about the Connemara Rugby Team that dominated Connacht Rugby during 1990s/2000s, by Jon Meilla, also includes Dymphna Heanue and Peter Keane.

Track no Music 08 ‘Sam is Back in Galway Again’- this about Galway winning the All Ireland football final in 2001 singer  Feichin Mitchell also featuring Ollie Turner Galway Bay FM.

Track no Music 09 ‘Cleggan’s Rugged Shore’ – this song is about all the fishermen that lost their lives on ‘Cleggan Seas’ – by Jackie Hannon,  words by Penny O’Malley music and arrangement by Jon Meilla.

Track no 10 ‘Graveside Observation’–  this poem is read by Colleen Curran and describes the percieved thoughts of a child at a mothers grave, by jon Meilla.