Gerry Larkin, Galway G.A.A. County Board. To listen, click on track 1

Tom Vaughan, Naomh Feichín G.A.A. Club, Clifden. To listen, click on track 1

Aodán Mac Suibhne (Aidan Sweeney). Le héisteacht, brúigh ar ar rian 1


The compilation of this audio has been assembled with the assistance and utilisation of the printed media and an enthusiastic response from G.A.A. people from the various regions covered. Not all of the people with a wealth of knowledge wanted to take part in the actual audio presentation but they did give valuable assistance with research. In excess of sixty people have made oral contributions and this may be amended/increased if necessary.

A special word of thanks to Gerry Cloherty for giving me permission to use relevant extracts from his book, “Annals of the G.A.A in Galway”. The archives of the Connacht Tribune were also of immense benefit. All the people who agreed to give their memories on audio will be named on the audio but I would also like to thank the following: Peter Fitzpatrick and Francie Foley for their major contributions, and for their assistance with the project, Hubert DeLappe, Tom Connolly and Paul McGinley (Salthill).

An audio presentation can only succeed when one is lucky enough to have the talents of the highest expertise in audio production, and that was provided from the resources of our own radio station, Connemara Community Radio whose productions have achieved the highest acclaim possible at national level in recent years. The volunteer technicians in the persons of Bridget Lydon and David Ciesielski led the team (who are all accredited elsewhere in the text) with the technical proficiency for this challenging production.

When one is looking for the voice of a suitable narrator to cover a hundred years of G.A.A. folklore/history it can be a daunting task. For example, will one go for a high profile national personality or utilise the talent available locally? The final decision was really easy because when one is lucky enough to have available the superior talent of a G.A.A.presenter of the quality of Michael Lyster there is only one decision. So I would like to thank the superb narrator, the one and only Michael Lyster from our national station R.T.É., and indeed a Galway man as well for giving his undisputed talents to this production. The long appreciated talents of local presenter Mary Ruddy, one of the long established female voices from Connemara Community Radio, will also make a contribution.

A special word of appreciation to Pat Walsh Manager of Connemara Community Radio Station for his assistance throughout this (possibly) unique assignment.

Author, John O’Malley, Ballyconneely, Community and G.A.A. activist.

Audio Presenters and Editors

Narrators for the main presentation: Michael Lyster, R.T.É. and Mary Ruddy, Connemara Community Radio

Audio Recording and Editing: Bridget Lydon, David Ciesielski, Coleen Curran, Bridie Cashin, Grainne O’Malley and Louisa Jack.