When one is seeking to acknowledge commitment, it may be difficult to know where to commence. With the afore in mind an attempt will be made to express an appreciation for the work of the volunteers. This production was made possible by the ‘unsung’ whose time and toil kept the G.A.A. alive in the areas documented over the past 100 years. So now the almost impossible task will commence to identify these people. Undoubtedly there will be omissions at this initial stage. The benefit of digital production, however, is that any omissions can be readily rectified.

A number of volunteers are acknowledged below and some, still living have made contributions to this audio record. This list, no doubt, will be expanded in the future. These names are an addition to names already mentioned/contributed in/to the production.

Clifden: Tobias Joyce, P.K.Joyce, John Hehir, Joe Packie King, Brother Urban, Jim Kearns, Superintendent Burke, Sean Joyce, Francie Mannion, Sergeant Sean Kelly, Dave O’Shaughnessy, Peter Fitzpatrick, Paul Fitzpatrick, Pat King, Tom Feneran, Frank Darcy, Jack Vaughan, Mannie Coyne, Martin Thornton, Joe O’Malley, Jim Sullivan, Tim Hickey, Michael O’Malley, Val Mahon, Gerry Delaney, J.J. Mannion – Bernie Kilkenny, John Casey – Peter Lydon, Nicola Walsh, Br. Oswald, Eoin Kennedy. Chris O’Neill (jr), David McNamara.

Ballyconneely: Tom Connolly, Paid Kennelly, Tommie Sweeney, Eamon McBride, Frank Leonard, Packie Sweeney, Joe King, John O’Malley, Terence Sweeney, Gerry King, Feichín Mitchell, Tom Griffin.

Roundstone: Mickie Ryan, Joe Keane, Sean DeCourcey, Paddy O’Donnell, Joe King (Pub).

Cashel: Pairic Cloherty, Tom Conneely, Noel King.

Cleggan: Hubert DeLappe, Sean Birmingham, Feichin Mulkerrins, Bernie Laffey, Laurence O’Toole, Michael O’Malley, Mikie Nugent, MattieO’Toole

Kingstown: Martin Murray, Michael Gorham, Eddie Pryce, Gerry Roche, Michael Conroy