Disputes and or disagreements have destroyed many prominent groups over the years and there many prime examples even to this day. The G.A.A. locally is no exception and several high profile disputes occurred over the years.

In the early 1950s, the decision for Clifden to amalgamate with Oughterard in order to compete at senior level left a lot of disgruntled local players in Clifden and several of them got transfers to Cleggan. Kingstown and Cleggan broke up because they could not agree on a name under which to compete. In 1955 several players from the Clifden area joined the senior regional team competing under the name of St. Patrick’s (Clonbur). Some suggest that this happened because of internal conflict but others suggest that those players wanted to play at senior level. A number of players from Clifden and Kingstown attempted to form a Kingstown team for the Mongan Cup competition but were disqualified. The formation of the Cleggan team in the 1970s also derived from disagreement. The development of the current G.A.A. grounds in Clifden also led to conflict. There are former prominent members of Naomh Feichín who no longer want anything to do with G.A.A. activity locally because of internal conflict from the past.

The possible causation of these matters will not be analysed in this production as it is not dealing exclusively with a Naomh Feichín club history.