Na Piarsaigh


Na Piarsaigh GAA Club has a long history in GAA activity in Connemara. Although the Club has played a prominent part in the promotion of the GAA and the Irish Language it has not achieved a great deal of success on the playing field. However it has produced an array of talented footballers that have competed regularly in GAA competitions over the years. It also has produced many volunteers in helping the club  fulfill  its goals. This especially came to light when the Club developed their new state of the art facilities for both the players and supporters. There were many involved in this initiative, but a special mention to Roisin Sullivan who was one of the driving forces behind its success. Roisin had planned to make a contribution to this audio history, but was unable to do so, because of her untimely death; may she rest in peace.

Mattie Nee is a prominent figure in GAA activity over the years in Connemara; he has assisted the Club as a player and mentor and was involved in the Club’s only championship success in the 1960s. Mattie gives an insight to the Club and his involvement with it – to listen to Mattie’s unedited memories, where he entwines both the English and Irish Language – click on track number 62